{Chapter 2°.........

- "His Valentine Present"

She was very nervous, almost stressed out. Her whole body was covered with tension right down to the muscles of her eyes she could feel, guided by her lust, every part of her. The excitement she felt made her hellish pain. The longing for her beloved husband was sometimes almost unbearable and deepened in shameless horniness with has taken over the lead. She moved with a sententious-, wet-  ... vagina through the house suffering like a shot deer.

At time the loving words of Baron Rubin were simply not enough for her, given in tender moments, whispered from far away into her ears.

He knew exactly by not speaking about his erection for her, he increased her craving for his dick with this tenderness in his words.

This was Baron Rubin `s macho game, the violence, with which he reigned mercilessly over his beautiful woman.

A lot of time should pass until the two truly loving could see each other again. All of her luxury could not comfort her in these desperate moments beyond this yearnings ..... it made her happy as well pleasured to experience her husband is what she loved the most on earth in this lust-plagued longing.

It was tea time when the doorbell was ringing and the messenger left a parcel at her home.

Immediately   Baroness Rubin pulled the knife with a sting through the cardboard side to open the gift sent by her husband...:


.... an original replica of his penis the full-size in black matt rubber .....accompanied in hand-printed word`s...


       "Of course           -I love you more than anything on earth-      my baroness rubin the sad .... 

       .....sometimes tender words are not enough... 

       and I  still want you like your stallion as well.... feel me from far away inside your body !"

                                   "Your  deeply loving  husband and soulmate" 

                                                                                      -BARON RUBIN THE SAD-