Baronesse Rubin the SAD

You do not play with your men unless he has behaved so badly that he wants to be urgently tied to the furniture ..... to give me his dripping ink of his lustful desire ...

....... the secret liaison of the 2 sophisticated bohème was already so heated that they could hardly stand without each other.

They were fascinated by their graceful handsomeness, their individual style in gleaming colors. Blinded as in selfish dedication. From the self-esteem and their confident appearance which made them publicly shaped into unique phenomena to the helpless, tearfulness creatures, they became as well by the insatiable, horny, subhuman longs out of the 2 to be together forever.

They discovered the load capacity for them as an everlasting couple of the history. A potential to be themselves in real, outside of social norms, norms they were not allowed to perform -..... not allowed by their great souls .....-, the intellectual faculties of top bohèmes. 

This cognition about their connection made them a team so unique irreplaceable. 

Both of them have not left anything out to leave different provocative mirror`s of their love, sexually in naughty, tender and rough way`s.

The oversized demand of their fully excited body `s had burned painfully marks into their souls and has turned them into lustful wild animals. 

He is physically and mentally superior to her.

She is subject to submissive love only for him.




Lasciviousness permanently and distinctly branded the memory carnal, a stronger connection than telepathy, shifted them both into hour-long erection with raging effusions.

Drunk with the bliss of this ecstasy this divine interconnection, this treasure was protected by them as the most valuable good on heaven and earth.

And did everything they had experienced in the past - .... what they thought it was love ....-

void and worthless.

The 2 belonging together, found a new meaning of life, addicted to this requisition of lechery, they inflamed appreciative in each other.

It made them walk rock solid the way of their debauchery hand in hand,

well aware this authenticity of feelings nobody can buy.

They gave birth to a new definition of truly natural human existence.



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Born 2 B your desire born to desire you ...born 2 B  yours.