{ Chapter 1° ..........


In the relaxed silent of the night, which she loved so much and privileged to the push of the day, was she completely with all of her thoughts with her beloved equivalent, in this moments he is synonymous with her .....!

The calming splashing of the fountain in the garden in their common house near the pavilion de  L`Orangerie, a  little dream house, a house she almost never left by herself, a beautiful home he bought her on his demand, .... - was the only sound who could emphasize her tender moan.

A very soft moan, while she let her with red nails polished, well-kept fingers slide slowly and lovingly through her chewy, warm, wet vagina.

With a peaceful laugh in her face, she slipped for a moment from her plan, to satisfy herself, when she saw her opulent silver diamond engagement ring.

Opulent, solid and strong like his dick she loves so much to kiss ... to tease with her tongue ....! With this smile, she remembered how her hero showed this ring for the first time to her.

Again deeply immersed in her wide red slash, wandered her spoiled eyes proud over the silver candlesticks, the candlesticks her beloved men once brought home to her as trophies from one of his week and month-long journeys his profession demanded from him.

He knows that the sight of exquisite luxury antiques made her extra erotic highlights while he is away, at work.

And he gladly put the fetters of love like this on her, to give her a  heavyweight of his success.

The soft, warm candlelight did her photosensitive eyes well, warming her soul.

The cloth she let made only for this nocturnal erotic games, with her wet pussy, dreaming of his big cock insert in her body, could keep up with the stylish splendor he can offer to  his wife.

As the wind blew through the room, she was awakened again of her dreams by the gentle music of the Louis XIII chandelier glasses with do have the same moving rhythm as her husband does to her when he is with her with all of his physical glory.


The moment she realized, missing him let her suffer immeasurable torments ....... and it made her impatient to wish to have him back with her again right now .... - his arms she belongs 2 only........










Born 2 miss you born to suffer for you born 2 B with you.