Lass mich nicht{Don`t go},

den ich bin verzaubert

{your magic is inside me}!

Guter{YOU},was hat dieses Gefühl nur mit Dir gemacht

{What did this feeling LOVE did to YOU?}

Wie kann dieses grosse Glück,LIEBE,Dich so beflügeln?

{How can this amazing LUCK LOVE give you big wings big like yours?}

Die LIEBE ist wie das grösste Glück der ERDE

das nichts zähmen kann ..... die LIEBE ist  wild wie der Wind!

{LOVE is like the biggest LUCK on earth nothing can domesticate this....

LOVE is wild like the wind}

....und nie vergeht .... die LIEBE ist wild wie der Wind!

{.... and never leaves you ... LOVE is wild like the wind}

Es ist nie vergebens,daß man sich danach sehnt

{It is never in vain to desire it}

LOVE is like the wind unending she knows only the heart...

If you LOVE me I do LOVE you 2 - if I love YOU don't be afraid.....

The bird YOU seem to surprise ... whipped with her wings to stay with you.

The LOVE she is so wide and wild like the wind

- YOU can't wait for her....

She is Complete around you,...

Is she coming ....., does she go, ... will she come back.....

Again and again back to YOU ....

YOU know how to keep her - She will stay with you.

YOU Don`t want to avoid her, then she will hold YOU tight.

The LOVE is wild like the wind,

She did never know the law;

If YOU LOVE me,I LOVE YOU 2««–––––––

If I LOVE you,Don`t be afraid of OUER LOVE…………««–––––––!